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2018. 12. 05

Amid the impending release of three new iPhones in Korea, premium technology and lifestyle brand called ‘Incase’ announced that Apple has released an official case exclusively for its new iPhone XR.XS.XS.XSmax.

Incase has been an official partner since 2007 when Apple released its first iPhone. The iPhone case, which is not sensitive to trends, is being loved by iPhone users.

Incase introduced its products through its official website on the 15th. The newly released product has four types of ‘Beautiful Utility’ collections and is a case for iPhone XR.XS.XSmax only. The collection features carefully designed features a combination of functions and designs, minimizing any inconvenience resulting from actual use, and making all functions useful.

The Beautiful Utility Collection consists of four lines: ‘Textured Snap’, ‘Proactive Clear Cover’, ‘Lift Case’ and ‘Pop Case II’.

The upgraded Textured Snap combines a classic snap with premium material WoolenexTM, providing full protection and a premium design. Inside is a micro-swide material that protects iPhones from scratch. The non-slip design, good grip and shock absorption of polyurethane bumpers are also advantages. It will be released in black color and will be compatible with iPhone XR and XSmax.

Best-selling model Proactive Clear Cover has also been strengthened. It completely protects devices from scratches in daily life without damaging the iPhone’s own elegant design. It is compatible with iPhone XR, XS, and XSmax and can choose between black, rose gold and transparent colors.

The lift case is the thinnest of all the iPhone cases that the enclosure introduces. By keeping the design of iPhone X series intact, it is applied with durable polycarbonate materials to protect necessary parts. It is compatible with iPhone X, XS, and XSmax and is released with transparent case and graphite.

Even better, the pop case II features a triple bumper design with TensaerliteTM, an in-case proprietary impact protection patent technology, and the newly added air cushion inside the bumper provides a powerful shock protection function and a good grip. Tangerite technology, which was developed exclusively by INC, is a technology that combines device structure design and precision engineering and uses foam materials to easily break down impact while being light. Color is Ivory and Black and is compatible with all three new iPhone models.

“There are high expectations among iPhone users as they are about to release their next iPhone,” said a representative for Brand. “We are planning to introduce not only good design but also device protection solutions based on protection and mobility in the future.”

Online purchase of products is available in 1300K, bag pop, etc. including official online stores. Offline purchase is available in direct sales (New World Department Store Gangnam, Shinsegae Department Store Centum City Mall, Lotte Department Store Yeongdeungpo store) and Apple’s official premium reseller stores (Frisby, Willis), Design Store 1300K stores (Hongdae, Myeongdong store, E-mart, etc.)

On the other hand, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 3 XS, iPhone XSMax and iPhone XR on the 12th of last month. The LCD has become bigger and the design of the M-shaped top notch of the previous iPhone X has been maintained. Face ID (face recognition) function is installed and speed of recognition of face ID is improved by utilizing NewroNetwork.

iPhone XS, which is a premium line, has 5.8-inch display and 6.5-inch super-retina display. In particular, XSmax has 3.3 million pixels in high resolution and draws attention. There are three storage capacities: 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB, which Apple first adopted.

iPhone XR will be released as a low and medium-priced model with 6.1-inch LCD display. It will be released in six colors: Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Black, and Blue. The price of the XS Max will start at 99 (about 1.24 million KRW) and XS will start at (999,000 KRW). XR can be sold at 9 (85,000 KRW).

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Date of preparation: 2018.11.2