[Incase] SMART LIVING Content Creator

2018. 12. 14


Gather Content Creators

Recruitment period 11. 16 – 12 16

“If you are a content creator”

We face a lot of content in a day.

People capture or bookmark content dozens of times when they find useful information or interesting content. And then we share it with our friends.

Anyone who creates content will want their content to spread to many and be truly written.

So, they try to create content that focuses on quality rather than quantity, thinking what is useful in the overflow of information.

Work smarter, work smarter.

with the hope of help

The mission of Smart Living is clear and simple.

The following four categories were chosen by Incase in a rapidly changing market:

– Technology: The technology trends and useful IT technology content needed in the digital age

– Productivity: Productivity: Productivity content that enhances the ability to work effectively

– Motivation: Motivation content to relieve stress in modern people

– Lifestyle: I started this program with the aim of getting information about various lifestyle contents that improve the quality of life, working smarter and actually helping my life.

You should be free and strict about your content.

Smart Living provides an environment where anyone can become a ‘creator’ for creating useful content. We’re looking for someone who’s constantly agonizing as a reader, not as a writer. It’s not just product content that anyone can create, it’s real. From simple tips to professional writing, photography, and video, all are available. Any content that is really useful and inspires anyone who reads your content is welcome.

Smart package worth approximately 2.5 million won

The 8 minutes selected as content creators will be offered a variety of benefits including an Incase gift certificate, a Digital Creator kit, and an Incase internship opportunity. Best content creators selected through the contest will also receive a Smart Living Special Package worth approximately 2.5 million won to create content anytime, anywhere.

The Smart Living Special Package is comprised of the latest 13″ MacBook Air, 22″ ProConnected Smart Carrier for rechargeable batteries, an in-case Travel Pro bag, MacBook Icon sleeves, webcam covers, notes, pens, and gift certificates.

If you dream of becoming a content creator, try it now!

Recruitment information

Recruitment period

16 November 2018 – 16 December

Recruitment personnel

8 people

a certificate of acceptance

Announcement of ‘Event’ on official website at 15pm, December 28, 2018.

a launch ceremony

January 7, 2019 14:00 (location guidance)

Recruitment target

Anyone interested in creating content

We’ll give all applicants a 20% discount coupon on the official Incase website.

Discount coupons are for use only by members of the official Incase website, and payment date will be paid in batches on December 28.